Green Gables
Early Learning

Delivering exceptional Early Childhood Education and care for over 50 years.  Owned and operated by a family team of Early Childhood Teachers, our philosophy is based on the principles of respect for children and partnerships with parents and the community.

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About Our
Early Learning Centre

Our early learning and educational programs equip children with the knowledge and skills fundamental for success at school. We employ qualified kindergarten teachers to help your kids get a head start on their early learning.

The basis for our early learning program is the Australian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), which emphasises five key learning goals for children:

  • A strong sense of their identity
  • Connections with their world
  • A strong sense of wellbeing
  • Confidence and involvement in their learning
  • Effective communication skills

Our Qualified Educators

Our most precious resource is our dedicated team of Early Childhood Educators. While many child care services experience a parade of changing teachers, what sets us apart at Green Gables is our committed team of full-time, part-time and casual child care professionals (many with their own children) providing a stable foundation.

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The Core of Our Child Care


As a part of our Early Learning and childcare we provide the children with fully-catered nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day. 

We believe that nutrition is an important part of a child’s wellbeing as well as providing them the energy to fuel them through their busy day.

We endeavour to meet all of the children’s different needs which include all dietary requirements from halal to allergies and everything in between.


Our qualified team of educators have a passion for childcare and ensuring that all of the Green Gables children have the best start to life. 

Each class group is age specific and has a curriculum which is carefully developed for each age and set of developmental milestones.

Our curriculum is based off the principles of Magda Gerber’s Educaring starting with babies, all the way up to the principles of the Montessori method for our preschoolers.